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Referendum reconciliation aleAS SCOTLAND is set to decide it's constitutional future on Thursday one of the biggest fears of many Scots is how to reunite a divided nation - especially with polls suggesting voters are split right down the middle on independence.

Now one Scottish firm believes it has the answer - and has launched a special "Referendum Reconciliation Ale" to bring friends and families on opposing sides of the debate back together.

The beer - sold in five litre mini kegs - is designed to be shared by those with differing views on the Yes/No split - perhaps over a friendly debate over the results.

The man behind the beer - former Scottish Young Entrepreneur of the Year Stuart Ebdy - has been an undecided voter all through the campaign.

But his biggest fear in the post-referendum landscape hadn't been the political differences - but whether or not friendships will be ruined in the wake of a heated campaign.

He hopes the ale - on sale through his Caledonian Hampers business at - will be shared by voters across Scotland as they take in the result that could literally change the nation.

Stuart, 32, originally of Perth but living and running his business in Edinburgh, said he had until recently been an undecided voter - but had been horrified at the "division" he had seen spring up among friends and family.

He said: "I think anyone who uses social media will have seen friends, family and colleagues arguing quite fervently about the referendum.

"One of my biggest fears isn't about the economy or defence or anything like that post-referendum - it's that people will fall out forever when we should be working together to make a better Scotland, independent or in the UK.

"I'm fed up of seeing people falling out about it.

"We need to remember that every voter is choosing what they believe is best for themselves and for scotland, so we should all respect each other no matter what as we all share this amazing country."

Stuart, a former Grampian Young Entrepreneur of the Year, who runs an online gift business, added: "My gifts help bring people together, and I'll be enjoying some beers on Thursday with a mixture of friends who are voting yes and no.

"That's the way it should be - it's in the best Scottish tradition to be together and be happy rather than there being bitterness and recrimination."

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