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The time of year has arrived.... Tonight John Lewis will air their new advert for 2014 on TV, but at Caledonian Hampers we give you the opportunity to see it online right here right now...

Watch it now, and comment below with your thoughts... Is it better than last years one with the bear?


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As a thank you to all our great followers on Twitter and Facebook, we are having an exclusive 5 day sale where you can get 20% off absolutely any product on the site.  You have an exclusive chance to purchase one of our new Christmas 2014 hampers with a great discount.

Simply use coupon code "blogoct" at checkout before 31st October 2014 and we will take 20% off.

It gets better though!!! You can purchase a Christmas gift online today, and select a delivery date in December nearer Christmas.  This means you benefit from a great discount, and you have 1 less gift to worry about!

That's not all.... We now offer FREE DELIVERY on all...

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Since the credit crunch hit in 2007 (it doesn't seem like 7 years have passed), every company in the UK has had to adapt.  One industry that I have seen change and grow is the Scottish food industry.
Scotland's deep routed love of fine food is well known, but the innovation and development over recent years has been truly inspiring,
A small country that has the ability to naturally grow some of the finest strawberries in the world as well as other truly mouthwatering fruits and vegetables.  Add to that the natural and succulent fresh meat and fish (from venison and beef to mackerel and smoked salmon) and the new products...

AS SCOTLAND is set to decide it's constitutional future on Thursday one of the biggest fears of many Scots is how to reunite a divided nation - especially with polls suggesting voters are split right down the middle on independence.

Now one Scottish firm believes it has the answer - and has launched a special "Referendum Reconciliation Ale" to bring friends and families on opposing sides of the debate back together.

The beer - sold in five litre mini kegs - is designed to be shared by those with differing views on the Yes/No split - perhaps over a friendly debate over the results.

The man behind the beer - former Scottish Young...

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We now have over 150 products that we are testing, tasting and analysing the look of for our 2014 Luxury Scottish Hamper range.  We are running several independent Scottish food tasting sessions, where REAL Scottish people taste and review each product. 

We will then feature only the products that taste the best, and give the best impression of the country.

This will be very useful for those looking for Scottish food gifts throughout the UK, as well as those looking for us to dispatch abroad.  Imagine buying a gift from another website, and being disappointed by the quality and/or taste of the products.... When you purchase your...

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As well as supplying individual gifts to customers throughout the UK, we also have a very popular corporate service.

Whether you are looking for 100 bottles of Prosecco to give to clients or customers, or 1000 Scottish food hampers as a corporate Christmas gift, we can help.

We also supply event organisers and wedding planners with personalised miniatures, beer, cider, wine and champagne as favours or to decorate the tables at a corporate dinner with branded drinks.

Get in touch with us if you have a corporate enquiry, and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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We are already deep in the planning stages for our 2014 Christmas hampers. 

We have sourced food and drink from small independant Scottish food producers from Orkney in the north and Dumfries in the south right across from Skye in the west and St. Andrews in the east.

It is quite incredible the variety and quality of food that is being produced in Scotland at the moment, and we are delighted to be working with so many of them to help grow their business, and also let more customers hear about them.

Our team are currently reviewing and testing all samples we have received, and will only be selling the finest flavours that have...

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We are looking for small Scottish food producers who would like to feature in our 2014 Christmas Hamper range. 

We have made some fantastic developments in our company since our launch in 2011, and this year promises to see some very exciting developments as we allow more and more small producers to showcase and sell their food and drink to clients throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

We have a full fulfillment centre in Edinburgh, and can sell your products online via Ebay, Amazon or through our own network of websites selling Scottish Food.

Please contact us or send us samples by 31st August 2014 to be considered for this...